Summer Work Experience Program

Initiated in summer 2006, Hearts’ Summer Apprenticeship Program is a collaboration among Clayton County School System, Department of Human Services and Hearts to Nourish Hope. The goal of this program is to introduce youth to employment opportunities in the Arts and technology. In this program the youth have a choice of three apprenticeships; Drama, Art, and Video Technology.

The youth also are involved in physical fitness, nutrition, and financial literacy. The youth attend their apprenticeships and are given a stipend for their work. Each summer the youth create an original show that they build from the ground up. The art component creates the sets and costumes. Our video technology program creates its own films and produces copies of the play. The art program also through the years has created murals throughout the building at Hearts as well as all types of paintings and original artwork of their own, which they display the night of the show. The video technology group has created several videos including a truancy video that was aired on PBS and is now used in Clayton County and other counties. These youth have the opportunity to work and learn from professionals. During the summer program youth are also exposed to many field trips including visits to Washington D.C. and New York were they saw “Beauty and the Beast” on Broadway and “STOMP”. They have also been to Orlando, Florida where they experienced Universal Studios behind the scenes.

The Summer Work Experience program employs youth throughout Clayton, Fayette and Henry Counties at various work sites including:

  • Juvenile Court;
  • Fayette County Chamber of Commerce;
  • District Attorney’s Office;
  • Riverdale Animal Hospital;
  • CVS; and
  • many other businesses.

Local business leaders have indicated great interest in youth and will participate in the Business Advisory Work Group to advance economic competitiveness and workforce development in our targeted communities. In the summer, the Summer Internship will involve the youth managed Entrepreneurship and Microenterprise Initiative.  Recruiting businesses for this program is an ongoing process that is carried out by our career development staff and the youth at Hearts.